Quiz: Which Mythical Creature Lives in Your Heart?
Which Mythical Creature Lives in Your Heart?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Pixabay / kellepics

About This Quiz

When we suggest that there's a mythical creature living in your heart, we are not talking about the organ that pumps your blood. If something were living there, you would need to see a doctor - not a quiz expert! We are talking about the heart of your inner mind, your soul, and your consciousness.

As we imagine our way through this quiz, we are going to get to know you better than your coworkers ever could. With a series of questions designed to reveal your true heart to us, your answers will lead us straight to the mythical creature that resides in your heart. You might think it's a unicorn or a mermaid, but there are more types of mythical creatures out there than you might realize. 

Once we get a good feel for your personality, your lifestyle, and the way you see the world, the mythical creature you carry around in your spirit will be easy to spot. Each mythical creature has a set of traits, and once we match up your qualities, we'll know for sure! Do you live your life with the love of a fairy, or it is something else? Let us help you figure it out! 

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Which job would you like to try?

6 of 30
Which of your traits is stronger than the others?

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Which mythical creature interests you most?

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Which marine animal could be your spirit animal?

11 of 30
Which area of your life is going the best?

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Which gemstone best represents your soul?

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Which costume would you wear to a party?

18 of 30
What animal should be on your coat of arms?

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How optimistic are you on any given day?

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Which of the seasons is your favorite?

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What kind of music perks you up?

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Which gift would you prefer to receive?

29 of 30
Which word describes your mind?

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What kind of shoes do you wear most often?

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