Quiz: Which Music City Do You Belong In?
Which Music City Do You Belong In?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Pexels

About This Quiz

There are very few things that transcend the decades, and even the centuries. One of those things is music. From the dawn of humanity, or so it would seem, humans have been drawn to the groups of sounds that join to form a symphony or song. 

Beyond science and technology, these sounds can make us move to the beat, feel better when we're sad and even make us feel things that we didn't know we could. We have been inspired by the magic that is music to create something that'll clue us which musical city you belong in. 

The United States has so many cities and each represents a different genre or feeling of music. Seattle, for example, is the home of grunge music. In fact, grunge is often called the Seattle sound. So do you belong there? Or are you more street than that? Is New York City calling your name? Maybe you're a more fun and carefree person, and you belong in the city of angels. Or is the rhythm and blues of Detroit what's really in your heart?

We can only answer these questions for you if you take our quiz. So let's find out which musical city you belong in. 

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