Which Muscle Car Should You Test Drive?

Mark Lichtenstein

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Whether you are a man having his mid-life crisis or a teenage girl with too much parental indulgence, driving a muscle car is the dream. Of course, first you have to take it for a test drive. Which muscle car would be right for you then?

Do you mind what people think of you?

Do you fear aging?

Do you like to show off your money?

How practical are you?

Are you all torque and no trousers?

How insecure are you?

Are you actually planning to buy the car?

Who else will travel with you?

What sort of work environment are you in?

How loud do you want it?

Who do you want to anger with your car?

What is the purpose of a muscle car?

Have you had plastic surgery?

How many marriages have you had?

Do you imagine you will probably die alone?

Do you have hair plugs?

Are you test driving the car ironically or for real?

Do you actually know what a muscle car is?

What kind of shoes do you wear behind the wheel?

Do you already own clothing with a car maker's logo on it?

What sport do you watch on the weekend?

Which car movie is your favorite?

Which classic car appeals to you?

Do you plan on daily driving this thing?

What car do you own right now?

If money were no object, what stupid expensive car would you buy?

What is your favorite superhero?

What option is a must have for your car?

What paint scheme will you want for your car?

Be honest. Are you just sort of a jerk?

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