Quiz: Which Movie Scene Describes Your Life?
Which Movie Scene Describes Your Life?
By: Pierre Roustan
Image: Katja Motion Picture Corporation/Krevoy/Stabler/Wessler Production

About This Quiz

Ask yourself this question—is your life like a movie? Probably, yes. Most people’s lives are sort of modeled after movies. If you have any kind of adventure in your life, you could be something relatable to maybe Indiana Jones or Luke Skywalker, but we often try to keep things toned down and less, well, dangerous. Some lives can be quite “boring,” but no one wants that, right? This is why we love watching movies! We often enjoy watching comedies, too, because we can relate quite well to some of the most iconic movie scenes of our age. 

The question is, which movie scene best defines you as a person? The good news is we have this little quiz here for you that can determine whether or not you’re a real idiot, or a complete freak. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing to be, either! Life is about having fun, and sometimes that involves being a little stupid, at times. After all, we’re human. We can be dumb. The question is how dumb, how funny and how cute are you? Try this quiz out and see for yourself. We’ll see which character aligns with you the most. Who knows—you might surprise yourself!

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It’s date night and you have a choice of what movie to watch. Which one do you pick?

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You’re in the grocery store. Which aisle do you go to first?

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You’re listening to the radio, and a song comes up that makes you cry. What is that song?

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What was your favorite cartoon when you were growing up?

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