Which member of House Stark are you?

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"A Game of Thrones" is the first book in the fantasy series of novels called "A Song of Ice and Fire" by George R.R. Martin. The award-winning book, which was published in 1996 goes into detail about the noble families (houses) of Westeros and their battle to rule the Seven Kingdoms as the possessor of the Iron Throne. 

One of those great houses is House Stark, who lives in the northern region of Westeros in a place called Winterfell where they rule over the North. Their house sigil is a gray direwolf on a white background and their motto (which also serves a warning) is "Winter is Coming".

Throughout the series, this family (unlike many others) has stood up for what is right and because of that, many of them have been betrayed, imprisoned and murdered, and although there may not be many of them left, they will rally to avenge their fallen family members. 

Which of the Starks are you most like? Will you be the eldest daughter Sansa Stark, the oldest son and heir to the Stark throne Robb Stark or will you be one of the parents, Eddard or Catelyn Stark? There is only one way to find out, and that is by taking this quiz!

Who do you hate most?

You catch your niece stealing a piece of gum at the store. What do you do?

Who should you never trust?

How is your relationship with your siblings?

You receive a huge job promotion! Your first thoughts are...

How would you most likely die?

What do you tend to follow?

Someone is spreading nasty rumors about you, you...

Could you win in a sword fight?

Your home is under attack, what do you do?

Growing up, this described your relationship with your parents:

Which season would you eliminate?

Who shall inherit the earth?

Which fairy tale archetype do you most empathize with?

What should be a king's top priority?

What do you value most?

Never use two words when you can...

Who's your favorite family member?

What are you willing to do to get your way?

People say, "Forgive and forget." What do you say?

Who's your best friend in Winterfell?

Which sounds most delicious?

What do you miss most about Winterfell?

What is your opinion on upholding tradition?

What is your ideal vacation spot?

How important are the opinions of others to you?

What is your favorite pastime activity?

What does honor mean to you?

What do you do to those who aren't loyal to you?

Winter is coming...

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