Quiz: Which Major European City Should You Live In?
Which Major European City Should You Live In?
By: Khadija Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Have you ever wondered where you would belong if you were born European? Let's put your wondering mind to rest by finding out which of Europe's major cities you should consider calling your home. With so many diverse cities and all the beautiful languages that are spoken, we are sure there will be one European city out there that was meant for you! 

Whether you see yourself taking in Barcelona's arts and culture or you think of yourself as more of a Londoner, the only way to be certain which city is right for you is the take our in-depth quiz! We will assess responses taking your lifestyle, your personality, and the things you value in mind. 

Getting the clearest picture of you as a person is imperative when matching you with the European city of your dreams. After we know you better than your mother, we will let you know where you will need to book your next flight.

Think about the things you like about your current location, and use them to respond. The things you choose to tell us will go a long way in finding your most compatible city! Let's get that passport ready! It's time to become European!

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