Quiz: Which Lucha Wrestler Are You?
Which Lucha Wrestler Are You?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Youtube

About This Quiz

If you've ever dreamed of flying through the air toward your opponent and pinning him (or her) to the ground for the win, all while wearing a mask, then this quiz is for you. It's difficult not to associate oneself with at least one of the luchadores, given that they are pretty cool. Answer all 30 of the following questions, and we'll tell you which Lucha wrestler you most resemble.

Lucha wrestling is a form of professional wrestling that originated in Mexico formally called lucha libre, or free fight. The colorful masks are the result of Mexico's love for all things colorful, and they serve as each wrestler's honorable identity. In fact, on some occasions, the loser of a match has to remove his mask and suffer a great humiliation. The masks are designed to resemble animals, gods, or some other form of hero (mostly ancient), so the luchadore (the formal name for a lucha libre wrestler) has a lot invested in his mask. And, to cement the importance of the mask, it's an absolute no no to unmask your opponent. In fact, it's grounds for disqualification. This is serious stuff, folks.

So, which lucha wrestler are you? Do we agree? Take this quiz to find out.

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