Which London Tourist Trap Should You Definitely Visit?

Zoe Samuel

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London, capital of the United Kingdom! Surely there's no city in the U.K. more elegant, ancient and beautiful. London is full of storied castles, cathedrals and even ancient pubs where this revolution was fomented or that invention first came to life in its creator's mind. There are opera houses and West End theaters where you can see the very best artists in the world performing awe-inspiring pieces of theater. There are galleries full of glorious Old Masters and museums thronged with ancient relics. Even the buskers in the Tube are highly skilled professionals who audition for their spots and make good money. Truly, London is pure class. 

Of course, this means that when you visit, your mind takes only a few days to be full up with such wonder that you can't possibly learn anything new. You need a break! You need something entertaining, easy and possibly even a smidge trashy, at least for a few hours. 

Fortunately, we've got the perfect quiz to help you figure out which terrifically undemanding London tourist trap will offer you a good time without weighing too heavily on the old noggin. You'll surely learn something if you pay attention, but it won't feel like hard work. Have fun!

Do you have a good head for heights?

Do you secretly wish you'd gone to Disney World instead of London?

How much do you care about big-name celebrities?

What genre is the last book you read for fun?

Which Tube line do you like best?

Would you like to see an actor playing a Victorian gentleman?

What sort of snack will you eat during your outing?

Do you mind if people haven't heard of the place you visit?

How much tradition do you like in a tourist trap?

Which neighborhood in London do you want to see most?

What's your budget for an outing?

How long are you in London?

Do you know the city well?

Be honest: How trashy do you like your tourist destinations to get?

Do you really need to sit down for a while?

Are you equipped to deal with the weather?

What famous British fictional figure do you love most?

What will you wear on your outing?

Who is coming with you?

What type of British accent would you like to hear?

How willing are you to stand on line?

Which part of British history is the most interesting to you?

What sort of place will you go for dinner afterwards?

What swag do you want to get at the gift shop?

What sort of photo will you take while you're there?

Do you get tired easily?

What do you do for a living?

How far did you travel to get to London?

In what sort of accommodations are you staying?

Where are you visiting from?

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