Quiz: Which Jurassic Park Dino Are You?
Which Jurassic Park Dino Are You?
By: Tori Highley
Image: The Movie DB

About This Quiz

Jurassic Park is a movie series that never gives up on their captivating, fierce, and ferocious dinosaurs. Take this quiz to find out which dinosaur from Jurassic Park you are most like!

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What is your favorite outdoor activity?

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Which attraction of Jurassic World most appeals to you?

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Which summertime outdoor toy is your favorite?

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What shoes would you wear if you worked at Jurassic Park?

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Which subject were you most skilled at in school?

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What do you like to eat for dinner?

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Which vehicle would you drive to get around Jurassic Park?

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What do you like to shoot BB's at in the backyard?

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What do you feel is your best feature?

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How do you like to cool off in the summer?

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Which filming location of the Jurassic Park franchise sounds like the most fun to you?

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Which card game are you a beast at?

23.0 of 30
Which attraction would you head straight to at Universal Studios Singapore - Jurassic Park?

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Where would you hide from the Indominus Rex?

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Which Jurassic World restaurant would you eat lunch at?

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Which arcade game would you put on the ferry to Isla Nublar?

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Which is the heaviest object are you able to lift?

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