Which Jungle Predator Are You?

Ian Fortey

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The Earth is covered in rainforests and jungle areas that are teeming with life. From the Amazon rainforest to Kinabalu National Park to Australia's Daintree, these huge wilderness areas are home to an amazing diversity of wildlife. While all jungles have their fair share of exotic birds and insects, it's the predators that seem to capture people's attention the most.  There aren't a lot of other places on Earth where you can find cats bigger than humans or snakes that can eat a whole deer.  When it comes to predators, jungles have some of the most striking creatures alive.

We all know that you can find a bear in the woods or a lion out on the savanna, but it's the combination of terrain and terror that makes a jungle predator so much more intense. A jungle is such close quarters, you can't even see through the tree cover. The air is hot and stifling, like the jungle itself is just one more predator you need to worry about. Everything works together to make a dangerous and incredible part of the world. If you find yourself fascinated not just by the jungle but the predators who live there, then this quiz is for you. Answer a few questions about yourself and find out which of the most dangerous creatures in the jungle you truly are. 

How do you like to approach a new task at work?

If you're just doing dinner for yourself one night, what are you most likely to have?

Do you have a regular workout routine or is that not the kind of thing you do?

If you had the option to go to any of these cities, where do you think you might go?

If your best friend was asked to describe you in a single word, what do you think they'd say?

When you're home alone watching some Netflix on a Saturday afternoon, what are you most likely to be watching?

Are you the kind of person who flies off the handle easily or do you control your anger?

How would you react if you found someone you thought was a pretty good friend had stolen from you?

When you have some free time, what do you like to do to unwind and relax?

When it comes to romance, are you most likely to make the first move or do you wait for the other person to do it?

How do you let someone know you're interested in them, romantically speaking?

If you're going to head to the beach for the day, what are you going to spend most of your time doing?

If you were going to be stranded on a deserted island what would be the one thing you'd want to have with you, aside from a way to leave or communicate?

Even if you're not athletically inclined, there's got to be one sport you like more than others. What is it?

If you could only eat the cuisine from one country for the rest of your life, what kind of cuisine would you choose?

Have you ever been involved in a fist-fight in which you actually hit someone else?

If your best friend came to you because their significant other had cheated on them, what would you do?

Some people's internal clocks are just set at different times than others. What time of day do you feel most active?

What action-packed job do you think you would have been pretty great at doing?

If you and your friends are heading out to a club, what are you most likely to be doing when you get there?

If you had to pick just one, what would you say is your favorite season?

Which Hollywood action star do you feel would make the best co-star for you in a movie?

Everyone needs a way to get around sometimes. Which of these cars would you choose for yourself?

What's going to attract you most as a holiday destination?

Nothing can divide a room faster than trying to agree on pizza toppings. What do you want on yours?

What's something you feel like you spend too much of your money on?

Binge-watching is how a lot of TV is consumed these days. What's your favorite streaming service?

Road rage is a serious issue. Have you ever instigated a road rage incident?

How do you handle harassing phone calls from telemarketers?

It's lunchtime only when you get to the fridge you discover your lunch has been stolen. What happens now?

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