Which Jeans Actually Flatter Your Body Type?

Kennita Leon

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About This Quiz

The thing about life is that all of us are born different; we don't all look alike. And while some people may have been blessed with curves for days or height that makes their legs go on for forever, we all need to find out what's best for our bodies, no matter what natural gifts we were given. 

Enter your clothing. Not every great outfit you see on another person will look great on you. That's one of life's curses and blessings, and also the reason why we have to figure some things out on our own. And one of those many things is which cut or style of jeans fits us best. 

We want to help you figure out what that is today. So tell us a bit about your body and the clothes you like wearing. We'll also want to know about the things you like to do and who you do them with, so that we can choose jeans that not only look good on you but also fit your lifestyle perfectly. 

Because jeans are a staple, we feel that it's only smart for you to take this quiz. So, if you'd really like to find out which jeans flatter your body, let's get started. 

How tall are you?

What's your build like?

What part of your body do you like to accentuate?

Which part of your body do you prefer to hide?

When it comes to jeans, what kind are you really feeling?

What shade of jeans do you like?

What jeans length is your go-to?

Besides jeans, what kind of denim do you wear?

Let's talk more clothes. How much do you spend on clothing every month?

Where do you usually shop?

What's the maximum number of times you'd wear an outfit?

How long does it take you to get dressed?

Do you plan your outfits beforehand or go with the flow?

Do your outfits always have to match?

What do you wear to the beach?

What kind of shoes are your favorite to wear?

What's the tallest heel height you feel comfortable walking in?

Accessories time! What's your favorite kind to wear?

What metallic finish suits you best?

What kind of perfume are you more likely to wear?

Which of these word duos best represents you?

Would you say that you're a social person?

If you were at a party, what would you be found doing?

Do you like taking risks?

Are you a natural-born leader?

How's your love life at the moment?

What kind of gifts are your favorite?

Which of these pets suits your lifestyle the best?

How happy are you at this very moment?

What did your New Year's resolution relate to?

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