Which Irish Castle Should You Visit?

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Unless you grew up in Europe, castles may seem like the stuff of legends, fairy tales and Walt Disney World. Fortunately, these structures that serve as the setting for our favorite childhood movies are inspired by real places, many of which are still standing hundreds or even thousands of years after they were built. Constructed by royals, noblemen, warriors and chiefs, castles were designed to protect occupants from enemy invaders, many of whom were determined to scale even the strongest fortifications in their quest to conquer enemy lands. 

In some parts of the world, like Ireland, castles are such a familiar sight that it would take you a lifetime to tour them all ... so it pays to be picky and squeeze in tours of the very best stone structures during your vacation in the Emerald Isle — but where to start? Fortunately, you don't have to research each one of the 4,000 or so Irish castles on your own, because we've got you covered with this quiz! Answer these questions before you book your flight and we'll guide you toward the best castle to visit based on your interests, itinerary and practical details like tickets and tours.

Is a tall tower an absolute must so you can picture yourself in the role of Rapunzel, or are you open to various types of forts and palaces?

Which of these time periods do you find most intriguing?

Are you interested in seeing spots associated with any of these famous people or groups?

Let's narrow your search by geography ... where do you plan to spend most of your time in Ireland?

Are you thinking of a day visit or hoping to sleep overnight in an Irish castle?

How do you feel about a castle that's supposedly haunted?

Despite what you see in fairy tales, castles come in all kinds of designs. Which of these styles do you prefer?

Are you mostly focused on the castle, or do you want to see great works of art during your visit?

How far are you willing to travel outside a big city to visit an Irish castle?

What are your feelings on a castle garden?

Are you intrigued by any of these specific attractions?

Are you looking for a guided tour or hoping to wander on your own?

What's your price range when buying your way into an Irish castle?

Choose a nearby attraction to make a full day trip out of your castle visit.

Does it matter if parts of the castle have been allowed to crumble over the years?

Are you seeking a castle with plenty of folklore and legends, or are you more interested in straight facts and history?

What time of year did you have in mind for your visit to an Irish castle?

Tell us which of these words best describes your ideal Irish castle.

Describe what the perfect view would look like from your ideal castle.

Is permission to take pictures crucial to your Irish castle visit?

How do you feel about a castle that was rebuilt based on period design versus one that is mostly original?

Are mobility and easy access an issue, or can you do a whole lot of walking and climbing?

What type of furniture and decor would you like to see inside the castle you visit?

When you picture that magical castle in your mind, what is it being used for day-to-day?

How important do you consider "the gift of gab" to be in your life?

Are you willing to put up with crowds or are you looking for a castle with a little more elbow room?

Sure you can pack your own, but are you looking for a castle where you can pick up a snack of some kind during your visit?

A little bit of danger can give you a thrill. Which of these gets your heart pumping?

Any castle can be exciting for kids, but some have extra options just for the younger set. Do you plan to bring the family?

Are there any particular sports or activities you'd like to participate in during your Irish castle visit?

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