Which Impactful Biblical Character Are You?

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We can guess just how much of a natural-born influencer you are in the faith. Do you change the world like your favorite, or not-so-favorite, biblical characters? This personality quiz measures your level of holy in a super fun way! Confirm that Apostle Paul isn't the only one who can motivate others to adhere to spiritual discipline. Maybe you sacrifice most of your time to uphold the leaders in your church and community like Mary Magdalene did for Jesus during his ministry and beyond? Let us show you the way ...

The impactful deeds of Bible people helped to mold the cherished narrative that so many people enjoy and rely on today. All believers should gauge if they measure up to standards put in place when the early church first began. Persecution of the early Christians happened regularly back then, and harboring even an iota of their spiritual or mental fortitude means that you are doing a few things right as far as the faith is concerned. 

Know that the Bible scripture now lives through you and others like you who carry the bright light of faith. It's never too late to mimic the remarkable figures of the Good Book who helped change the course of history. Don't just read about them; see how much you are them by the end of this test!

Are you fascinated by religious doctrine?

Should believers remain long-suffering no matter what?

Do you think that people should seek to behave like God?

How do you react to those who mock your beliefs?

Do you feel it is your life's mission to warn others of impending doom?

What's the best way to spot a false teacher?

Can you recall a time when you were punished for adhering to your beliefs?

Suffering adversity to uphold the faith is venerable, but is there any kind of persecution that you will not tolerate?

Before you got serious about your faith, how did you spend most of your time?

Are any of your family members down with the faith?

Do you tend to make serious decisions on the spur of the moment?

How would you describe the most recent miracle that you witnessed?

Have you ever sabotaged a good thing from happening to you?

What percentage of loyalty do you extend to your leaders?

Are you more critical of your own actions or the actions of others?

How do you reconcile your need for money with maintaining strong faith?

Are you the jealous type?

Do you ever brag about your sin?

What do you consider to be your best attribute?

Have your actions ever resulted in a major change?

Under what circumstances are you ever shy about what you believe in?

Complete this sentence: "Vengeance is ________."

What else changed when you came into the faith?

Is it ever OK to snitch on those who are not following divine law?

Have you ever disparaged anyone with your mental might?

What is the most humble gig that you've done?

Sometimes we mistaken evil for good. Will you admit that this has happened to you?

Are you popular among your peers?

Are you among the elite at your church?

If you're honest, would Jesus approve of you?

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