Quiz: Which Iconic Car Are You Meant to Drive?
Which Iconic Car Are You Meant to Drive?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Pexels by Aldo Picaso

About This Quiz

Cars: Since the early 20th century, perhaps nothing else had become such an expression of personality. Of course, back in the day, there was only one car that the average person could afford to own, the Ford Model T, and it only came in one color: black. Times have changed since then; automobiles now come in a dizzying array of body types and colors, two kinds of transmissions, and extras from powerful engines to convertible roofs. 

Of course, many people don't have carte blanche to choose a car that fits their personality. Most of us are limited by our budget, which explains the proliferation of four-cylinder, four-door passenger cars on the road. Often white, because that neutral color tends to assure a higher resale value when it's time to sell. But hey, we can dream, can't we? You've almost certainly put some thought into what you'd drive if money were no object. 

We've crafted a quiz to help you with those musings, to match your personality to an iconic car. None of these are the cars of the past few years; they're all classics which have stood the test of time. (Hey, who needs dual airbags in their imaginary ride!) But none are as old as the Model T or the Chrysler DeSoto, either -- our choices are from the golden years of cars, the 1960s through the 1990s. So buckle up and find out you're meant to drive!

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