Quiz: Which Ice Cream Topping Describes Your Love Life?
Which Ice Cream Topping Describes Your Love Life?
By: Emily Maggrett
Image: David Freund/Photodisc/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Musicians have always sung about the sweetness of love, but is your love life as delicious as mango ice cream, or is it more of a Rocky Road? Are you covering your sundaes in tantalizing forbidden fruit, or have you got a hankering for your very own spouse?

For this quiz, we want to know who you're whispering sweet nothings to! If you're curious about whether your love life is vanilla or hotter than chocolate fudge, tell us all about yourself, and we'll guess whether you're in a long-term relationship, happily single or savoring a new relationship's delectable honeymoon phase. Whether your current love interest is the apple of your eye or an acquired taste, this quiz will be able to diagnose the ice cream topping that summarizes the state of your heart at the moment.

We're going to ask you about your celebrity crushes, how your dates are going lately and whether you'd rather date someone 30 years older than you or never date again. We also want to know a bit about your palate: do you crave pistachio gelato, or is bubblegum ice cream more your speed? If you're ready for a journey of sweet self-discovery, it's time to play this quiz!

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First things first: what's your favorite ice cream flavor?

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If your partner were a puppy, what kind would they be?

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You're on a first date when your dinner companion starts "negging" you. (Negging is a form of mockery designed to make you eager to impress the other person.) What do you do?

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If you read "live laugh love" in someone's online dating profile, would it make you more or less likely to message them?

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Which of the fruit below do you like best?

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If you had to choose between going on a road trip with your current partner or going on a road trip with Rihanna, which one would you choose?

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Imagine that you're writing a song about your love life. What would the title be?

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How do you and your love interest like spending your Sundays?

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