Which Historic Figure Did You Date in a Previous Life?

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History is full of great achievers: kings and queens who protected their kingdoms and helped them prosper; scientists who uncovered the secrets of the universe; explorers and pioneers who risked their lives breaching the boundaries of what was thought possible; writers and artists who spoke beautiful and terrifying truths about the reality of our nature. We know them by their great deeds, but as we celebrate their achievements in the public field, we don't want to forget the really important question: what sort of a boo would they have been? Would they be affectionate? Reliable? Generous? Jealous? What was the 18th century equivalent of Netflix and chill, and would they have been into it?

In some cases, we already know the answer (pro tip: do not date Henry VIII). But we have enough information to put together a pretty good answer for others, too, from political heroes and villains to aviators to composers. We know how much time they spent at work, how they saw the world, what their values were, and whether they kept up their correspondence with people in their lives. So as long as you know yourself well, you can figure out who would have been your partner back in the days of yore. Tell us about yourself, and we'll figure out who your historical date would be!

What quality do you most admire in someone?

Where would you like to go on vacation?

What is your favorite dessert?

What musical instrument do you most enjoy?

Which of your senses is the sharpest?

Who do you admire most?

What food would you like to try?

Where would you take your historical date if they came back to life?

Which supermodel do you like most?

What drink would you serve your date?

What would you serve your date for dinner?

What historical era would you like to visit?

What kind of leader would you be?

How would your friends describe you?

What is your favorite fruit?

What is your current mood?

What is your worst bad habit?

What is your favorite T.V. station?

What gift would you purchase for your date?

What is your favorite breakfast food?

How do you drink your coffee?

What is your favorite herb?

What kind of hat do you like most?

How many children would you like to have?

What is your dream job?

Which Disney princess do you prefer?

What kind of music do you like most?

What do you find the cutest?

What celebrity would you like to meet?

What kind of home is your dream home?

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