Quiz: Which Harry Potter Character Matches Your Dark Side?
Which Harry Potter Character Matches Your Dark Side?
By: Jennifer Post
Image: Warner Bros. UK Services Ltd./Heyday Films

About This Quiz

Put on your dress robes and get ready for this quiz! Harry Potter is way more than a cult classic. It pretty much defined a generation and continues to do so as each new generation is introduced to it. The books are moving and emotional, and seeing them come to life on the big screen makes them even more so. You most certainly have your favorite character based on their Hogwarts house, and how good they are. But do you ever think about which dark character fits with you as well? There's definitely plenty to choose from.

Maybe you keep your dark side to yourself, or perhaps it's the main part of you that you show to the world every day. Walking down Diagon Alley can either be an enjoyable, social experience for you, or people may shudder at the sight of you and rush to get past you. Well, good news! There's a dark Harry Potter character that will walk down that street with you. Not all dark characters are all bad, though. You can find one that has many redeeming qualities and can make you a better person in the end. Which Harry Potter character matches your dark side? Take this quiz and find out!

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Would you risk your life for the people you care about?

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Do you expect the people you care about to risk their lives for you?

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How would you react if you found yourself in a dangerous situation?

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What's the worst way you can think of winning something?

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What shade of black do you prefer?

11 of 30
What weather do you like to be outside in?

15 of 30
What is your ideal workspace?

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Which house would you be put in at Hogwarts?

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Now, who would be your favorite professor?

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Would you rather be friends with Hermione, Goyle, Luna or Hagrid?

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