Which Greek Goddess Will Preside Over Your Love Life This Year?

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Every year seems to come with its own set of challenges. Every year also comes with the promise of change. Those changes are courtesy of the stars, which realign in new ways every year, giving every goddess her year of influence over your love life. 

Of course, not all Greek goddesses are goddesses of love, so some may not expectedly take to their jobs. Then, of course, your star, moon, and rising signs come into play, further changing what universal forces influence your life. 

Knowing which goddess has sway over you this year could mean having an advantage. Knowing whom you are dealing with means you will know what to expect and how to deal with it. Knowing which goddess has your back would mean knowing what not to do, as it would displease her. Not every goddess is benevolent, but there's no reason anyone should want to anger a deity.

Who do you think holds sway over you this year? Could it be a goddess of inspiration who will encourage you in all your talents, or will it be the goddess of the hunt, who will encourage you in your efforts to get ahead at work? Find out by taking this quiz!

Which of these people is closest to being your role model?

What month were you born?

What day of the month were you born?

What major historical event is your birth year known for?

What time of day were you born?

What was the weather like on your birthday?

What peculiar astrological phenomenon happened close to your birth?

Where were you born?

How long were your parents together at the time of your birth?

What art did you take to as a child?

What was your favorite childhood possession?

What game did you learn to play from your parents?

What best describes your childhood best friend?

How much time did you spend in nature, as a child?

What job did you dream of having, as a child?

What did you do in the summer when you were a child?

What was your first job?

What did you major in while at university?

Did the friends you made growing up remain your friends?

As an adolescent, did you typically have a lot of friends older than you?

How close are you to your dream job?

How skilled are you in your craft?

How secure is your livelihood?

How stable is your love life?

What drives you, day to day?

How did you learn your most useful lesson?

How would you describe your most important mentor?

How impressed by your current self would your childhood self be?

What stands in the way of your dreams?

What do you seek most in this year?

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