Which Goddess Should Inspire Your Next Makeup Look?

Amanda Monell

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For almost 20 years, Tyra Banks has been piloting the reality show with a passion for fashion, "America's Next Top Model," where she tries to guide aspiring models to become the most fierce and fabulous creatures of the catwalk they can be. One of the most remarkable things about this series is seeing how each model grows, gains confidence, and becomes empowered by the experience. Right in front of the audience's eyes, these ladies become like goddesses strutting down the runways for the world to see. 

While you may never don ten-inch heels and stomp fiercely down the catwalks in the fashion capitals of the world, your inner goddess shines when you least expect it. For example, teachers manifest their powers in one of the most remarkable of ways: They can touch the future without leaving their classroom by encouraging students to explore new ideas. Doctors and nurses both let their inner goddesses shine when they're nurturing sick people back to health.

If you're anything like us, when you get dressed to go out, your inner goddess is getting ready to strut her stuff! Take our quiz to see what deity you should use as an influence for your latest makeup look.

Sleep is essential to keeping your skin looking young. How many hours of sleep a night would you say you get?

Which of these foods would you use as an exfoliator?

Which of these animals would you use as an inspiration for one of your looks?

Can you create a good cat-eye look?

Which celebrity's makeup style do you find the most appealing?

What kind of foundation do you tend to use?

When it comes to creating that perfect eye, knowing your eye shape is very important. Which eye shape do you have?

Many fashion houses will utilize avant-garde makeup styling to sell their goods. Which item would you incorporate into an avante-garde look?

Have you ever used false eyelashes?

For those of us who aren't skilled in using false eyelashes and don't have naturally long, luscious lashes, cosmetic companies have developed mascaras for almost every occasion. Which one do you use the most?

Water consumption helps clean the skin from the inside out. How much water do you think you drink a day?

Have you ever placed cucumber slices over your eyes?

Knowing your brow shape is pivotal to creating the perfect eye makeup. What brow shape do you have?

Do you use a primer before applying makeup?

If you have freckles, do you use concealer to cover them up?

What kind of eyeliner pencil do you use?

Would you wear a mascara that was a non-traditional color?

How often do you treat yourself to a spa day?

Even if you create a perfect look, if you use the incorrect hairstyle, it could ruin all your hard work. How do you usually wear your hair?

When looking at makeup brands, what is one thing you look for?

If you were to leave home, which of these items needs to be with you?

Where do you plan on wearing your new look?

When you're looking to create your new look, what part of the face are you looking to highlight?

Where do you tend to buy your cosmetics?

Have you ever purchased a beauty product based on the packaging?

What kind of nail polish do you plan on wearing with your new look?

How long does it usually take you to do your makeup?

Having luscious lips is something that many people envy. Which of these lip products do you use to keep your lips at their best?

Which of these lip products do you use to create your everyday lip look?

At this very moment, if you were to look inside your closet, what colors would you see?

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