Quiz: Which Gemstone Represents Your Heart?
Which Gemstone Represents Your Heart?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: Wiki Commons By Fiona Storey

About This Quiz

Quite different from your spirit or your soul, your heart is responsible for all the well-intentioned decisions you make. When your heart is put under pressure, it reacts like a gemstone and becomes something beautiful. Once we learn all about the way you approach the world, we'll know exactly which gemstone your heart is most like. 

Gemstones have long mystified society, and they've often been used as symbols of wealth and nobility. However, each gemstone is said to be associated with a certain set of traits. For instance, sapphires are said to offer wisdom to the wearer, and rubies are said to represent unconditional love. Seeing the way you live by your heart will help us compare your heart's best qualities with those associated with gemstones. 

When you see our question, take a moment to respond with the answer you feel represents you the best. Gemstones are not created overnight, and you are welcome to take all of the time you need. When we have finished assessing your inner world, we will pair you with the precious gem that your heart shines like. 

You might have a gemstone in mind, but let's be sure to get it right! Which one speaks about your heart with the most clarity? Let's find out. 

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Which flower represents your soul?

5 of 30
Which holiday is your favorite?

6 of 30
Which kind of crystal is prettiest?

7 of 30
What is your best friend's best trait?

9 of 30
Which type of exercise do you prefer?

10 of 30
What kind of advice do you give?

13 of 30
Which political issue do you pay most attention to?

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What would you prefer to donate to charity?

15 of 30

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What hospital job would you like most?

18 of 30
Do you believe in an afterlife?

19 of 30
What do others like about you?

20 of 30
Which kind of jewelry do you wear most often?

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Where would you rather have a shopping spree?

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Which part of the world would you love to see?

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What part of your life would you like to improve?

28 of 30
Which room do you spend the most time in?

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