Quiz: Which Gemstone Calms You?
Which Gemstone Calms You?
By: Teresa McGlothlin
Image: amesy/E+/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Let's face it - we live in a crazy world! With so much hustle and bustle of our modern world, it's easy to find ourselves living on the edge more than we would like. Thankfully, Mother Nature has given us all the tools we need to keep ourselves calm and focused. 

The oldest known gemstone, zircon, is mentioned all the way back in the Bible, and throughout history, gemstones have been used to denote royalty and to help heal the human spirit.  Spiritualists believe that each gemstone holds a set of properties that we can use to enhance our lives. During this quiz, we're going to do our best to figure out which of nature's jewels works like a lullaby for you. 

Before you begin, try to clear your mind and to relax as much as you can. Every answer you provide will let us see inside your chakras, and it will help us figure out where you carry your anxiety. When it's combined with your personality traits and soul, it will reveal the gemstone that you need to remain calm and clear-headed under pressure. 

Will you need the protection of balance and clarity, or will you need a gemstone that has the power of intuition? Open your third eye, and the answer will come. Which gemstone will it be?

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Which activity do you find most relaxing?

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Which gemstone would you use for extra energy?

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Which of your chakras could use an alignment?

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Which word fills you with the biggest sense of calm?

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What do you think your guardian angel is like?

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If you had to choose a popular gemstone, which one is prettiest?

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Which thing makes you most anxious?

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How many gemstones do you have in your collection?

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Out of the four elements, which one are you most connected with?

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Which sound do you find the most calming?

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Which room in your home is most relaxing?

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Which gem's color do you find most soothing?

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What sort of driver are you on the highway?

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Where do you carry tension?

28 of 30
Which emotion are you experiencing right now?

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How would your best friend describe your heart?

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