Quiz: Which Gemstone Actually Represents You?
Which Gemstone Actually Represents You?
By: Tori Highley
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but what about rubies and sapphires? There are plenty of other gemstones with just as much beauty as diamonds. And it isn't just girls that can love gemstones! These precious stones are revered across cultures and around the globe. Their beauty is truly universal, and for good reason! 

Science has shown that gazing at an emerald can lower your stress levels significantly. And there's nothing quite like a sapphire ring on your finger catching your eye during your everyday activities. With their beauty and charm, gemstones can truly enhance your quality of life.

Now that you know the value of these beautiful stones, which gemstone should you go for? Maybe emeralds seem like a good idea until a fiery opal catches your eye. Perhaps you think you love diamonds the most, but then you try on a sapphire, and it just fits. Being choosy about these expensive but beautiful investments can be hard. Figuring out which gemstone fits your soul will help make your decision easier.

So take our quiz to find your perfect gemstone! Whether you have a special occasion coming up or you are just curious about jewels, this quiz will reveal the gemstone that truly reflects your inner beauty!

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Of the following: which trait do you value most in your friendships?

5 of 30
Which of these fields would you be a rockstar in given the chance?

6 of 30
Of the following: what would be the best animal mascot for you?

7 of 30
Which season do you feel coziest during?

8 of 30
Which hot beverage warms your soul when you need comfort?

9 of 30
What would you choose to lose if you had to give up one of your electronics?

10 of 30
What is your favorite way to wish someone well on their birthday?

11 of 30
Which stuffed animal was your childhood comfort friend?

13 of 30
Which zodiac element do you feel most in tune with?

14 of 30
Which of these places does your soul want to wander?

15 of 30
Which of these modern icons is your favorite role model?

16 of 30
Of the following: which is your favorite way to express your creativity?

17 of 30
Which of these high school science classes did you enjoy the most?

18 of 30
What aspect of your life is your biggest priority right now?

20 of 30
Who do you go to most often for love advice?

22 of 30
Which talent from below are you most comfortable sharing with others?

24 of 30
Which of these personality traits is the strongest in you?

25 of 30

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Of these common pets, which would be a great companion for you?

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Which of these metals is your favorite setting for beautiful gemstones?

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Of these remarkable writers from the past, which would you love to have dinner with?

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