Quiz: Which Free Columbus Events Should You Go to This August?
Which Free Columbus Events Should You Go to This August?
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

If you are looking to have fun on a budget this summer, Columbus, Ohio is just the city for you. Take this fun HowStuffWorks quiz and find out what free event you should check out in August!

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When do you prefer to go out?

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What kind of event would you rather attend?

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Would you go to an event just because it was in an weird or unique venue?

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Do you have a favorite visual artist?

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Who would you rather take to an event?

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What's more your speed?

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Do you like jazz and blues music?

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Which genre of music do you like best?

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How would you be most likely to relax after a hard day?

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Where do you prefer to be?

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Which kind of food appeals more to you?

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Do you like to eat a lot?

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Are you into learning about other cultures?

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Are you a punctual person?

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What word describes you best?

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Which city would you rather go to?

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