Which Food Network Chef Should Be Your Personal Chef?

Khadija Leon

Image: Collage; Giada, Bobby, Guy

About This Quiz

We've seen them on TV for years and we've often wondered what their food tastes like. Which one of these stars would be your perfect personal chef? Let us find out!

What is your favorite food?

Why do you cook?

Who do you cook for?

What color is your apron?

What is your favorite type of food to cook?

Your favorite food network show is…

What makes someone an amazing chef?

Your favorite kitchen ingredient is…

Where do you go food shopping?

What is your secret ingredient?

Where do you keep your recipes?

What is your favorite method of cooking?

What is your favorite kitchen tool?

Which of these expensive items is in your pantry?

Which of these meats would you try?

Your favorite meal of the day is…

What is your favorite dinner course?

The perfect side dish is…

How long does it take you to cook?

What would you make for dessert?

What type of cake would you like for your birthday?

You don’t feel like cooking tonight, you head to your local______

Your favorite pizza topping is…

What is your favorite cheese?

Which of these restaurants would you like to go to?

Friday night dinners are usually?

Your happy hour drink is…

Which of these unhealthy snacks do you eat?

Which country would you go to for vacation?

What was your favorite subject in school?

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