Which Flower Symbolizes Your Marriage?

Zoe Samuel

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Flowers come in all shapes and sizes, and grow on more sorts of plant than people might realize. There are blossoms that grow on trees and buds that appear on cacti. There are flowers that you'll recognize from just about any sort of garden, such as roses and azeleas. There are wildflowers that mostly only grow unattended in meadows, and bring beauty and joy to hillwalkers and adventurers. There are flowers that are poisonous, such as laburnum and foxglove, which both can make you quite sick. There are flowers that are edible and can be included in a salad! There are even some plants whose flowers are carnivorous, such as the Venus flytrap, which "eats" bugs by catching them and dissolving them to take the goodness from them.

Just as flowers are all different, so too are marriages. Some marriages make sense to everyone at a glance; they're two people who are just obviously compatible. Some are like a safe bubble where both halves find each other and enjoy feeling safe from the wider world. Some are tempestuous, places that are full of constant battling, but they work for the people in them. All of them could find a flower that matches their temperament. Let's find yours!

How often do you say, "I love you"?

When you disagree, how would you characterize that disagreement?

Do you know how they take their tea or coffee?

Do other people think your marriage is a bit weird?

How much time do you spend together?

What's your number one disagreement?

What thing first made you say, "I'm gonna marry this one"?

What love language works best for you both?

What sort of sense of humor do you have?

Who does most of the cooking?

How good or bad are you for each other's health, for instance do they encourage you to work out and eat right?

How do you feel when you come home to your boo?

How often do you enjoy some private and intimate time?

How do they react if you say you need to be alone for a while?

What pet do you have?

What's your primary way to communicate with each other during the day?

How lovey-dovey are you on social media?

Where do you keep photos of your favorite moments?

How long did you date before marrying?

How hard do you work at your relationship?

How often would you guess their order correctly in a restaurant?

The computer is on the fritz. Who mends it?

What thing do they do annoys you most?

Who does most of the cleaning?

If one of you greatly out-earned the other, would it be a problem?

What's your dream vacation to take together?

Do you get on with their extended family?

Do you share a faith?

What sort of wedding did you have?

Occasionally, all married people think of leaving. How often does it cross your mind?

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