Which Fitness Tracker Is Right For You?

Tori Highley

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About This Quiz

Fitness trackers are a great motivator for improving your health, but there are so many different models out there, so it may difficult to chose the right one. This quiz will help you decide which one is best for you!

What do you like for breakfast?

Which exercise class do you like most?

Which cold beverage do you prefer on a summer afternoon?

What gets you outside?

Which feature of your tracker are you most looking forward to?

Which vegetable do you most enjoy?

How do you get around town on Earth day?

It starts raining right before your run. You...

Which morning beverage gets you to the gym?

Who do you get your fitness inspiration from?

Which backyard activity do you love the most?

Which salad would you prefer for lunch?

What time of day do you most enjoy exercising?

Do you like working out with other people?

Which summer fruit do you get from the local farmers' market?

What kind of shoes do you wear around town?

How waterproof do you want your tracker to be?

How important to you is sleep tracking at night?

When do you have the most energy?

What kind of music inspires you during a workout?

What is the first machine you hit at the gym?

How do you drink water while you workout?

How much research have you done for your diet?

Where do you volunteer locally?

What is your cheat meal?

What wakes you up in the morning?

Do you enjoy hiking on the weekend?

How much of a priority is exercise on a very busy day?

What do you do for an afternoon pick-me-up?

How long do you try to sleep at night?

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