Quiz: Which Fierce Female TV Character Are You?
Which Fierce Female TV Character Are You?
By: Steven Miller
Image: Movie Database

About This Quiz

The winds of change are blowing in society, and it has become much more common to have a woman portrayed as a powerful leader in film and TV. In recent years, there have been many iconic roles that have shown women navigating to the very top of the power structure in the world. 

No longer the one-dimensional fairy tale princesses to be rescued, these female characters have complexity and depth, showing both their strengths and weaknesses. While it's not always pretty, these fierce feminine personalities show women as forces to be reckoned with. Those who underestimate them are sure to pay a hefty price.

Are you the woman who was born to lead? Do you have a fire in your veins? Do you sense you're being called to lead the world towards a brighter tomorrow? If so, there's a character from a fantasy realm that we think you would totally feel a kinship to.

Are you tired of your skills being unappreciated and being repressed by the patriarchal power structure? If this sounds like you, there's a female character in Washington, D.C. that you'll likely feel connected to.

Maybe you're not as comfortable in the spotlight, but you are truly the powerful one with the skills and connections to get any job done. If that description is a better fit, we've got a powerful fixer that should be just your style.

Are things are a little more lighthearted and fun in your world? Maybe it will be your organizational skills and can-do attitude that will make a big change on a smaller scale. In that case, we've got just the character for you.

Come on, let's not keep our fierce females waiting.

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