Which Fictional Country Should You Live In?

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Creating fictional nations is a tradition as old as language. Biblical stories reference civilizations that probably never existed. The ancient Greeks, African cultures, Asian empires, and American tribes all had legends and myths referencing fictitious civilizations. Medieval Europeans had stories of fictional kingdoms, some of which "invited" crusaders to the Holy Land, and writers from the Renaissance to today have invented alien kingdoms, religious nations, and ancient empires, all here on Earth.

Thomas Moore, J. R. R. Tolkien, Marvel Comics, writers of all genres and all stripes have invented fictional lands for their characters and stories to inhabit. Some of these places are idyllic paradises, while others are unforgiving wastelands designed to provide the maximum amount of struggle for the heroes of these stories. What they all have in common is that they are all fascinating.

Have you ever read a story about a place that seemed so real you could reach out and touch it? Have you ever wanted to? What form do your dreams take and why would you want to go to such a strange land? It's time to think hard about your priorities because when you take this quiz, we will tell you which fictional country you should live in!

How much do you like heavy metal?

How selfish are you?

Do you like to cook with cast iron pots?

How good are you with technology?

Do you mind always having big brother keeping an eye on you?

Do you mind very stringent laws around trade?

How much do you like to keep things old school?

Do you worry a lot about how chaotic the world is?

Do you mind being seen as a "heel"?

Do you mind living in a highly militarized society?

Do you trust authority?

Do you feel religion is just another valid point of view, no matter what?

Do you look down on other nations?

Do you have a lot of horrible secrets?

Should powerful nations police the other ones?

Do you look good in black?

Are you willing to live a very traditional lifestyle in spite of alternatives?

Would you like to live in a nation of immigrants?

Can you fight with crude weaponry?

Do you mind being cut off from the outside world?

Do you think power should always come at a cost?

Are you willing to fight for what you believe is just?

Do you mind not ever being around women?

Do you work well with people different from you?

Do you mind having to travel an inhospitable landscape?

Do you have a pilot's license?

How hardcore are you?

Do you like Africa?

Do you like Wales?

Do you like Japan?

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