Which Famous Witch Are You?

By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

The image of the witch has played a huge role throughout history and has been one of the most feared figures of western civilization for centuries. While today witches are still an object of fascination, they once used to be one of pure fear. People believed that witches were powerful, evil, and out doing the devil's bidding in the moonlight. Throughout history, some women have used this image to empower themselves, and others have been ended by it. There is no denying the power and fascination of occult things and figures, even today.  

From the pages of the Bible to stories of world myth, to the lives and deaths of many famous men and women throughout history, witches are everywhere. Their powers and fascinating auras cast a long shadow. Witches often sit somewhere between good and evil and are comfortable with all of the darker aspects of life. This is what has made them so respected, feared and hated throughout world history. There is no more long-lived object of pure fascination than that of the witch.

If you are in a spooky mood and want to know which famous witch you are, leave your cauldron on simmer and try out this magical quiz! 

Which type of magic appeals to you more?

Which animal would you have as a companion?

What color would you be more likely to paint a room?

How well do you read tarot cards?

What would you use magic for?

Where would you rather live?

How do you learn best?

Which element do you resonate with?

Which branch of magic interests you more?

Would you ever do black magic?

Which type of spirit do you find most fascinating?

Which kind of divination appeals to you most?

Which of these magical objects would you prefer?

How would you rather practice magic?

Which zodiac sign do you like least?

What is your personal style like?

Which of these countries would you pick?

If you could time travel to an era for a day, which of these would you rather go to?

Have you ever used a Ouija board?

Which time of day do you prefer?

What do you value more?

Which activity do you do more of?

Which of these zodiac signs do you like best?

How would you describe your relationships goals?

Which power would you want more?

Which kind of mysticism attracts you more?

How well do you take direction?

Which paranormal creature do you like best?

Which of these scents would you pick?

What draws you more?

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