Which Famous Thoroughbred Races in Your Veins?

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Humans and horses have been teaming up for millennia. We were technically the ones to do the domesticating, but given the amount of love, care and respect people lavish on their horses— and the degree to which societies have been dependent on these animals over the course of history—sometimes it's fair to wonder who's really in charge. When it comes to thoroughbred horse racing, individuals, communities and even entire nations will pin their hopes on a favorite horse. (Not to mention their savings.) It's the horse we bet on, not the jockey, and it's the horse that will lift spirits or break hearts. 

Many people think that the term "thoroughbred" refers to any purebred horse, when in fact it's a specific breed unto itself. The breed originated in England in the early 1700s, when three stallions were brought over from the Arabian Peninsula and bred with local mares. The result was a fast, powerful and highly trainable racehorse with a certain human-like charisma. Thoroughbreds have graced the covers of major magazines like Sports Illustrated, and some have received the honor of "Athlete of the Year" alongside human athletes of other sports. Upon the deaths of particularly beloved horses, funeral mourners have poured in from near and far. If you want to see which famous thoroughbred races in your veins and what that means for your personality, scroll down and start answering the following questions!

You're out at the racetracks, hoping to win a little money on the horses. How do you place your bets?

You just woke up from a nightmare about your own death. How did you die?

It's a perfect day for a pick-me-up match in the park with your friends. What do you play?

Tonight's your second date. You run home to change out of your sweaty stable wear. What do you put on instead?

Where would you prefer to spend your retirement?

Boy howdy, you're off to watch the Kentucky Derby this weekend! What's your favorite thing about attending the event?

You get a little peckish in the afternoon. What do you snack on to tide you over until dinner?

If you had to describe your physical appearance as one of the following, which would you choose?

How do you like to spend your weekend if you're not out watching horse races?

Which type of environment do you feel the most natural affinity with?

It's a normal work day, whatever constitutes a normal work day for a horse like you. Which type of saddle do you prefer to wear?

You may be a horse, but you have an appreciation for human history as well. Who is your favorite U.S. President?

Which animal do you feel the most affinity with? (Besides horses, of course.)

Your job feels the least like work when...

Your foals are...

You're a discerning horse with an eye for style. Which colors would you have your jockey wear?

It's the day before the Preakness Stakes, that world-famous horse race held in Baltimore, Maryland, and you're simply chomping at the bit to get out there and show them what you've got. Daydreaming of your big win, you step off a curb wrong and twist your ankle. Your first thought is:

What kind of movie would you like to have made about your life?

It's been one of those days, and you put in your headphones so nobody will talk to you at the stable. What kind of music are you listening to?

You prefer traveling by horse, of course, but cars can be handy sometimes. What kind do you own?

What's your ideal vacation like?

How many serious relationships have you had?

Which horse race are you just rearing to run?

As a child, what did your parents criticize you for?

Which best describes you in your schooling years?

Maybe your horse-sense isn't as good as you thought it was, because you lost some serious money at the tracks this week. You decide to pick up a side gig. What is it?

You may be all about that equestrian life these days, but in another life, you were...

You like to wind down after a long day at the tracks by reading a good book. What's your favorite genre?

In life as in horse racing, which traits are most important to you?

What kind of name would you give your foal?

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