Which Famous Painting Represents Your Love Life?

Tori Highley

Image: Collage; The Two Fridas, The Kiss, The Dance Class

About This Quiz

There is no occupation more romantic than the artist. Expressing such beautiful things as love and hope is a gift to the world. Take this quiz to find out which famous painting best expresses your own romantic endeavors.

What form of art do you personally use for expression?

What art form does your significant other use to express themselves?

What subject gets your partner talking for hours?

Which of these famous painters do you adore?

What most frequently adorns the walls of your home?

Which museum would you rather visit?

Where do you read your news most often?

Which word first comes to mind when you think of your lover?

How does your partner show their love?

What would you order from the bar for your loved one?

What things in your relationship make you feel most loved and secure?

What is your favorite part of you and your partner's morning routine?

Where would you want to explore with your honey?

Which region of the United States do you feel most at home?

How do you like to celebrate anniversaries with your significant other?

Where do you enjoy innocent cuddling with your lover the most?

Which love song do you resonate with the most?

Which song fits the personality of your lover the best?

Which board game do you love playing with your lover?

Which subject did you excel at in high school?

What kind of home do you both want to purchase?

Which piece of home furniture is your favorite?

Which holiday do you both go all out for?

What do you feel is your biggest flaw?

How do you and your partner argue?

Which pet do you dream of owning?

Which of these do you and your partner differ the most about?

Which spirit is your favorite?

How do you prefer to travel together?

What kind of tree would you plant at a new home?

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