Quiz: Which Famous Cowboy Are You Most Like?
Which Famous Cowboy Are You Most Like?
By: Pierre Roustan
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Who doesn't want to wield a gun and ride out into the sunset on your steed with a lovely lady behind you, wrapping her arms around your waist as you play some of the coolest country music in your head? That's the life of a cowboy.

Still to this day, the cowboy life is a part of American culture rich with heritage and legend, both in fantasy and realism. You could be wrestling with a bear or an actual tornado. Either way, you were considered a cowboy of the Wild, Wild West, and your figure was cemented for all time in the annals of prideful history that Americans still to this day thrill to and enjoy thoroughly. This is why those classic figures like John Wayne and Clint Eastwood continue to rank up there as icons of the masculine age.

There's just one slight problem -- they're fictional! However, cowboys back in the day did exist. They are real. And for some of them, you'd be surprised that they existed at all given some of the things they've done. All of them were legends, no doubt -- and at least one of them you'd identify with the most from a legendary personality perspective. We know you're asking the ultimate question, though -- if I were a cowboy, which one would I be? Here's your chance to find out. Take this quiz right now!

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