Which Famous Cartoon Dog Should Be Your Companion?

Zoe Samuel

Image: Collage; Copper, Scooby Doo, Lady

About This Quiz

A dog is man's best friend, which means a dog drawn by a man (or woman) might be doubly so. Take this quiz to choose your ideal cartoon canine companion!

Do you require protection for your dog?

Do you like a classy dog?

What category of dog do you like?

What size of dog is best?

Should a dog talk?

Do you want your dog to be open-minded?

Do you like your dog to eat a lot?

How lazy is a good dog?

How smart is a good dog?

Does your dog love to exercise?

Does your dog have a good imagination?

What does your dog call you?

How did your dog get famous?

Does your dog have a catchphrase?

Is your dog musical?

Is your dog principled?

What is your dog afraid of?

Can your dog be counted on to do normal dog things?

Does your dog have a collar?

Is your dog respectable?

Does your dog like other dogs?

Does your dog have a famous relative?

Is your dog playful?

How hungry is your dog?

How is your dog with mysteries?

Does your dog have class issues?

What's your dog's signature look?

Can your dog drive?

What would your dog do for his or her best friend?

Does your dog like people who are very different?

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