Which Famous British Ruin Should You Renovate and Actually Live In?

Zoe Samuel

Image: Wiki Commons by DrMoschi

About This Quiz

Any nation with a history as old as that of the United Kingdom is going to collect its fair share of ruins. After all, if you don't take active care of a building, it will eventually crumble and return to nature, and the expense and complexity of maintenance only increase the older the building becomes. If you can't afford to keep it up, sometimes the best thing to do is simply give it up! 

Of course, not all ruins are created in this way. Sometimes they're the result of war or a vengeful monarch or they're simply caused by someone forgetting to snuff out their candle before falling asleep and knocking it over onto a curtain. Still, sometimes ruins come back from the brink of being swallowed up by nature — but you wouldn't want to live in any old ruin, even if it were spruced up.

Fortunately, this quiz is here to help you figure out which British ruin you should conquer and restore. We believe you can breath new life into an old building and put your own modern spin on it. So, tell us a little about yourself, and we'll find you the perfect fixer-upper in this quiz!

How many people do you like to entertain?

What will you mostly spend your time doing in your new house?

Which part of the country do you want to live in?

Windows make or break a house. How do you like them?

Which period of British history floats your boat the most?

Who will live in the house with you?

Money is no object here, but how much would you like to spend anyway?

Who will futilely object to your renovation?

What will you find when you excavate ahead of renovating?

What special room will you include that wasn't in the original building?

How much parking will you include?

What sort of heating solution will you select?

What art will you put on the walls?

How much will your neighbours be able to see of your property?

What technical challenge are you willing to overcome?

How much time will you spend at your new house?

If you monetize your home, how will you do so?

Which part of the house do you think needs to make the best impression?

What feature must the gardens include?

Who will clean the house?

How defensible should the house be?

What sort of money are you prepared to lay out annually for upkeep?

How important is it to be high above sea level?

Would you prefer for this to be your final major project?

For what purpose would the place have originally been built, ideally?

What characteristic of the home is especially important to you?

Would you like to have your own chapel?

How necessary is a dungeon?

Who would be happy, historically speaking, to know that you have fixed this building?

What ongoing problem with the house are you prepared to tackle?

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