In Which Famous Battle Would You Have Been Victorious?

Zoe Samuel

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Some of the biggest moments in history were when countries were at war with each other. And whether it started out because of a girl (*cough* Helen of Troy) or whether it was because an archduke was murdered, these battles were epic (in a not so good way) in their own right. But if you had to go back in time and fight in one of them- no, if you had to go back in time and be the commander of the war, which one of them would you have been victorious in? 

Would you have won the Yom Kippur War? Would you have been Israel, which walked over and devastated Egypt and Syria's forces? Or maybe you'd win the Battle of Trafalgar.  Would you have been like Lord Nelson and walked away with a victory and all your ships intact? What about The Battle of Sekigahara? Would your planning and spy tactics have given you the upper hand? Or would you have won the Battle of the Bulge? Would you have been an ally of the Allied troops and gotten a win there? 

If you want to find out what the history books would've said about you, take our quiz. It's time to find out what kind of commander you would have been! 

Do you handle surprises well?

Do you like beating the odds?

How well prepared are you?

How ruthless are you?

How important is making a name to you?

Do you mind committing just a few teeny tiny illegal acts?

Do you perform at your best when your back is to the wall?

Do you mind not really being able to tell the two sides apart?

What weapons do you want to fight with?

How big do you want your battle to be?

How high should the stakes be?

How famous do you want your battle to be?

Will you fight personally, or command from behind the lines?

Will your fighting take place in a civilian area?

How long should the battle last?

Will the outcome decide the war?

Will there be long-lasting peace afterwards?

Will the battle be pretty much world-famous?

Will the battle affect those who never hear about it?

Will the battle take place mostly at sea or on land?

Will you lose your commander?

Will there be statues?

Will it be absolutely obvious, historically speaking, who were the good guys?

Will the outcome be a surprise?

What will the weather be like during the battle?

Will it take place mostly by day or night?

Will you use cannons?

How about horses?

What will the death toll be?

Will you be haunted forever by the ghosts of that great and terrible day?

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