Quiz: Which European City Should You Visit for Your Honeymoon?
Which European City Should You Visit for Your Honeymoon?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Getting married is not an easy step to take, but once that's over, it's time to celebrate with the all-important honeymoon. The world has seven continents, five of which have hundreds of cities that you could choose to spend your honeymoon in, but we're going to settle with Europe. 

Now, this doesn't exactly make things easier, because Europe may just be the continent with the broadest variety when it comes to honeymoon destinations. Want a beach? You can go to Spain. Looking for some history? Rome is your place. Do you want a winter wonderland? Oslo is always a good choice. Our point? That you can go from almost tropical to freezing cold within Europe's borders. 

Luckily, we're going to take all the trouble out of hands. How? With this quiz, of course. Tell us about your love for your new spouse, how the wedding went and different things about yourself. We'll then take all that information, analyze it, then come up with the perfect place for you and your new wife or hubby to visit. 

So, if time is running out and you really need to book a hotel and the tickets, take this quiz to find out where in Europe you and your boo should honeymoon. 

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