Which European City Best Fits Your Personality?

Zoe Samuel

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European cities harbor more culture than the history books can hold. Often the perfect mix of modern transportation and old world charm, European cities offer something for every lifestyle. From bike paths to upscale shopping, Europe's cities are filled with commuters, locals, and some of the friendliest folks in the world. If you were to wind up living in one of its unique and majestic cities, which would you be happiest calling home? 

Get out your passport and tell us about your dream city! Whether you love going to see music night after night or you prefer quiet hikes outside of the city, Europe has a city perfectly suited for your personality. Nearly any European city you can name is filled with art and history every where you look so you will always find something interesting. However, your tastes in food, your choice of commuting styles, and the pace of life you prefer living will help us to identify whether you belong in London, Amsterdam, Paris or beyond.

Your personality is such an important thing to keep in mind when you plan a move as large as the one you're considering! This quiz will make sure you end up in the European city you'll never want to leave. Let's get going! 

What sort of food do you want to eat?

What weather do you like?

What do you want to wear?

What architecture suits you?

Do you mind the dark?

Do you suffer from seasonal affective disorder?

What industry do you work in?

How do you want to get around?

How egalitarian do you like it?

What kind of house do you want to live in?

Do you love money?

How important is it to you to be in the heart of Europe?

What other major city do you want easy access to?

What do you want to see out of your window?

What sort of people do you like to be around?

What problem do you want your country to have?

What do you want to do in the evening?

Do you ski?

Do you like to go in the sea?

Do you mind spending a lot on rent?

Are you into the idea of world-class healthcare?

What languages do you speak?

How different to America should it be?

What sport do you want to watch on TV?

What country do you want for an enemy (even if a somewhat friendly one)?

What country do you want for a friend?

How good do you like the economy?

How do you feel about the EU?

Do you want to see the Northern Lights?

Do you like mountains?

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