Which European City Are You?

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Has anyone ever told you "you're so New York!" or "you're so Miami?" Well, that's because our personalities can often represent cities and states. Being "so New York" would mean that you live a fast-paced life and that you aren't afraid to say what's on you're mind, regardless of who you're talking to, while being "so Miami" would mean that you're a social butterfly who loves to party and isn't afraid to be sexy. We're taking inspiration from city personalities and bringing it overseas in a quiz that will reveal which European city you are. Are you ready for it? Let's see.

The Parisians are known for being very romantic, sensual and sweet. Is that the city you are. Or maybe you're Rome -- adventurous, passionate and a love for all things food. What about Amsterdam? Maybe you love taking it slow and enjoy the simple things in life. Or, are you actually London? If you're trendy, smart and incredibly well-mannered, this may just be you. 

If you're ready to be called "so Paris" or "so London," there's only one way to do it and that is with this quiz. It's time to find out just where in Europe you'd fit in best. Let's get started! 

How often do you travel out of state for fun?

Have you ever been to Europe?

What is your preferred way to leisurely travel?

Which is your favorite accessory?

How do you decide what to wear for the day?

What is your hat preference for strolling through the city?

Which dessert would you choose?

Which site have you always dreamed of seeing in person?

What is your favorite pub food?

How good are you at standing in line?

What is the best weather to stroll in?

How do you take your coffee?

You're heading to a local outdoor market. What are you looking for?

How important is Wi-Fi to you?

Would you ever leave your home to expat in a European city?

How do you get your exercise?

What is a vice you'd like to toss out the window?

How do you find a cute date?

How do you cross the street?

What is your favorite iced treat?

Do you follow the rules?

What do you do when it rains?

Which of these could you see yourself collecting?

Which of these sports would you excel at?

When you leave to drop something at the post office, how much time to you allow yourself?

What's your preferred way to get to work?

Which foods could you live on for life?

Are you a workaholic?

Do you enjoy dating?

If you lived in Europe, where would you vacation?

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