Which Era Embodies Your Personality?

Tasha Moore

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About This Quiz

Whether you have an old soul or a youthful spirit, we can guess the era that embodies your personality. Use the results from this test to help you identify the kindred types that you come across on the regular.

Just about everyone knows that we're currently basking in the information era. But no matter what age you may be, your personality may not be best suited for the demands of these times. It seems that everyone everywhere wants answers like yesterday—that's what the information age calls for. Some of us can rise to the occasion, but others would rather solve problems as the frontiersmen once did through trial and error, or like those from the Reconstruction Era used to, with faith and patience. 

You'd be surprised how many people are going through the motions of this intense era but have a burning desire to process all of this fleeting stimulation differently. You could be one of those rare individuals striving to come to this epiphany. We're honored to help you along your personality journey. All you must do is be as honest as possible about how you'd respond or react to basic life situations, and we'll do the rest. We'll even share insight about previous eras if you are so matched. Determine your perfect era, now!

Is this a true statement: "Pets are people too"?

Are you concerned about global warming?

Are there any annoying vehicles parked on the street near you?

Do you remember a romantic song that the DJ played at your wedding?

Name a show that lifts your mood.

When you dine out, what do you typically order to ensure a fantastic experience?

Are self-service facilities answers to your prayers?

Do you dodge news stories to avoid possibly bad news?

Name a clothing item that gives you confidence.

Is there a special reason why you chose the size of your TV screen?

Do any of the objects dangling from your car's rearview mirror have spiritual significance?

Does calling any customer service number give you grief?

Do you know by heart the names of the workers at your local grocery store?

Is it easy for you to fall in love?

What's the biggest number of friends you'll hang out with at one time?

Is it too much of a hassle for you to wash your fruit before you eat it?

The doorbell rings. Do you trust your visitor enough to immediately open the door?

Are you excited about anything that's trending right now?

Does speed dating intimidate you?

You down with OPP?

Tell us the best way to save up for a rainy day.

How many parties do you plan to attend this year?

Can you deal with pesky critters?

Complete this sentence: "All work and no play makes Jack ________"?

When did you move out of your parents' house to build your own nest?

If your personality was an ice cream flavor, what would it taste like?

Is it too embarrassing to admit the favorite toy you played with as a child?

If life allowed one do-over, what would you use it for?

Is religion an important part of your life?

When it comes to new adventures, are you a doer or a viewer?

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