Which Era of British History Do You Belong In?

Zoe Samuel

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While Britain has been internally peaceful since around 1750, it wasn't always that way. There have been times of great upheaval, both political and artistic. Which would suit you?

Which monarch do you like?

Which enemy do you prefer?

What sort of ships do you like?

What religion suits you?

How forested do you like the landscape?

How safe do you want to be?

Could you live in a police state?

Do you like the kingdoms of the UK set up as they currently are?

How many serious-size cities do you like?

Can you handle periods of war?

Do you want a woman in charge?

Are you good at building a fire?

Do you mind being perpetually just a little bit chilly?

Do you prefer emotional openness or stiltedness?

What architecture suits you?

How tall do you like the men to be?

What fabric do you like your clothing made of?

What do you want to call a woman you don't know?

Do you want the whole country to feel united?

Do you need a period of moral certainty?

How do you want to style your hair?

What do you want to eat?

Do you want British wine to be a thing?

How do you want to get around?

Which country do you want it to be acceptable to say nasty things about pretty much all the darn time?

What do you want to be considered immodest?

Do you like the government to be super involved in religion?

What instrument do you want people to play?

How do you want people to send messages from one town to the next?

How do you like your streets?

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