Which Empowering Biblical Woman Are You?

Tasha Moore

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The women of the Bible had to put up with so much. They reared saviors, prophets, kings, nations—you name it! Do you think you have what it takes to master the trials and tribulations of ancient times?

The Virgin Mary was tasked with keeping her baby bump a secret for many months, and she had to protect the Savior of the world from bloodthirsty King Herod. Running from the authorities is probably that last thing you'd want to do immediately after giving birth. How about Abraham's wife, Sarah, who was also on the move constantly? Sarah's super devotion to her hubby enabled Abraham to fulfill his God-given assignments. Sarah held her tongue when it came to the unpleasantries of nomadic life. You can imagine that an onslaught of bickering between Sarah and Abraham would have changed the course of biblical events considerably. So thank God for Sarah's inspiring patience!

Maybe you feel that patience is for peasants, as Jezebel likely did? Jezebel didn't give a raven's poot who disagreed with her choice of gods or how she chose to run her wicked kingdom. Jezebel was a brazen diva in the land of noblemen, corrupt crooks and God-fearing men. Could you possibly multitask on such a high level? 

Provide your honest answers to our questions and we'll gladly match the Bible dame to your dominant personality traits!

Were you smart and powerful enough to teach your grade school classes as a youngster?

When the going gets tough for your friends, do you get going or do you stay and help them through tough times?

Do you vouch for friends and family even without their knowledge?

How did you become the go-to person for all juicy gossip?

You're the type of person who plans appreciation dinners for others, right?

Name your biggest life change.

You're at the store. Do you pick up an extra carton of milk for your neighbor as you'd do for yourself?

Is it true that you're a team player?

Are you queen of your home?

What was the last awesome thing that you did for your significant other?

Do you excel at hosting parties?

Can we guess that others underestimate how formidable an opponent you are?

Is lip sparring your thing?

Who is spared from your wrath?

Identify your guilty obsession.

Is your main squeeze hard to please?

Do you have a pet name?

Who makes the major decisions in your life?

Is your significant other a big deal?

How empathetic is your main squeeze?

How did you go about getting a thing that you wanted really badly?

In a word, what's the nature of your closest interpersonal relationship?

Could you and your significant other pass as siblings?

Are any of your children ready for fame?

Confess the name you'd like to be called that won't stick.

Has life been anything other than a breeze for you?

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Describe the span of time it took for your life to change considerably.

Is there a special person in your life who refuses to leave your side no matter what?

Do you consider yourself to be a conformist?

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