Which Elusive Animal Predator Are You?

Ian Fortey

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Nature is full of big, terrifying predators that we all know to avoid.  If you see a lion on the lawn, you're going to want to stay inside for the day. If there's a grizzly bear out and about, you don't want to mess with it at all.  And if a great white shark shows up at the beach then you never, ever go swimming again.  But what must life be like for them? What's the world like for an apex predator that everyone's afraid of?  That's got to be a trip, right?  But we'll do you one better.  What if you were a predator, but not one of the big, famous, terrifying kinds that everyone knows about?  What if you were a more elusive and rare predator?  What would your life be like then?

There's a pretty good chance you're never going to wake up as a bobcat in this lifetime, so the next best thing when it comes to finding out what sort of elusive predator you most align with is taking this quiz.  Answer us a few questions about yourself and we'll tell you precisely which elusive but still extremely respectable predator you were born to be.  Don't believe it?  Take the quiz!

If you find yourself in a disagreement with someone, what's your method of conflict resolution?

What's on your plate when you're having dinner at a backyard barbecue?

How would you handle the phone company overcharging you on your monthly bill?

If you get cut off in traffic and then flipped off, what's your response?

How would you handle it if someone rear-ended you at a red light but instead of getting out, they drove off?

Have you ever gone hunting for your own food?

What exotic pet do you think you'd most like to have?

If you could visit any of these locations, which one would you pick?

What's your opinion on an activity like scuba diving?

When you go on vacation, what do you want to be doing with your time?

Which of these vehicles would be your dream car?

When you have work to do, are you good at multi-tasking or not?

Have you ever intentionally tried to physically intimidate someone else?

Which monster movie is your favorite of all time?

Who would you say is the coolest action movie star ever?

If you see someone when you're out that you find attractive, how do you introduce yourself?

What was your best subject when you were in school?

Have you ever been involved in a physical fight with someone?

In which of these cities do you think you'd have the best time?

If you were going to play a sport, which one would you have the most interest in?

Which of these colors pops up the most in your closet?

How do you feel about your extended family coming to visit over the holidays?

No one's going to judge you here. Would you ever buy a meal at a gas station?

If your neighbors are being so loud you can't sleep and you have to work the next day, what will you do?

When you're making dinner for a guest, how fancy do you get?

Do you have any skills you think help you impress someone you have a romantic interest in?

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How do you start your day?

When you're at work, do people turn to you for guidance?

What instrument do you think you'd play if you were in a band?

Have you ever been in trouble with the police before?

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