Which Element Resonates With Your Soul?

Olivia Cantor

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Mother Nature, that all-encompassing concept of life on earth and even beyond it, makes things work by having all of her elements work together. And as human beings who are part of her care and employ, we have a duty to protect her and all the creatures underneath her care, too. Seeing that we are above all those beings, after all, it is but natural that we took care of each other.

However, sometimes, this is not the case. There are clashes, there are conflicts, and there are even wars. Why is that? Maybe that's because we are also motivated in different ways. Our true nature has different kinds of workings inside of us. What makes us tick? What makes us fight? What makes us take flight? Perhaps we are like one of the scientific elements that make Mother Nature work, even though sometimes, we don't work together as one.

Maybe it's because of the elements that guide our basic core. Maybe our core behaves like one of these elements, no matter how compounded they are, that's why we are who we are, and we do what we do. If you are familiar with the more "popular" elements in the periodic table, then let's see if one of these elements indeed resonates with your soul.

Keep your feet on the ground, take your fire, fly to the air, and go with the flow of this quiz!

When someone asks you to go out with them to have fun, can you be invited like this, at the drop of a hat?

Do you feel like you are a great company if set up on a blind date?

Are you in touch with any social justice issues currently affecting society?

Do you consider yourself as a workaholic who prioritizes your job over other aspects of your life?

Are you a "party hardy" kind of person?

Would you say you are good at making money?

Do you try your luck by joining raffles for prizes or the lotto?

When something fails to work, what do you tend to do?

Do you like spending more time readings books or watching movies?

Are you a beach person or a mountain climbing person?

Would you consider yourself a progressive when it comes to politics?

Are you one to jump into conclusions hastily?

If someone asks for your help on something, what would you do?

Do you sympathize with your friends who are having some problems?

Do you surround yourself only with people who like you?

If someone asks to borrow some money from you, how would you react?

Do you fancy yourself a good lover?

Do you perform well when you're working on a team, or do you prefer to go it alone?

Would you rather spend a quiet night at home, or going out to new places with friends?

Are you in touch with what's going on in the news, especially about your community?

If someone weaker than you gets bullied, what would you do?

If you and your good friend suddenly find yourselves on the opposite fences regarding a political issue, what's your reaction to that situation?

How do you deal with heartbreak?

If you find yourself running low on funds, what would you do?

Do you always want your will to be followed, whether at work or at home?

If a group of friends went on a trip without you, what would you think?

Do you like discovering new restaurants, bars, clubs or cafés?

If you found someone's wallet on a taxi cab, what will you do?

When someone asks you for advice about a cheating spouse, what words of wisdom will you give?

Do you prefer eating out or having takeout or food delivery?

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