Which Disney Princess Dress Should Be Your Prom Dress?

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The list of Disney princesses seems to be growing by the day, but not every female lead in a Disney animated film is actually categorized as a Disney princess. The official Disney princesses are Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel and Merida. You will notice that Elsa and Anna are not actually Disney princesses, despite their popularity.

The first Disney princess, Snow White, was created in 1937, with the most recent being Merida, created in 2012. That's quite a span of time! Each princess brings something different to the table, and what they represent has taken on different meanings as the times change. Some say the princesses set a bad example for girls and give them unrealistic expectations, but the more recent characters and princesses tell a tale of female empowerment and physical strength.

However you identify with the princess, one thing most people can agree on is the fact that their clothes are desirable and inspirational, especially for things like proms and weddings. So much so that designers create entire gown lines based on the Disney girls. Belle and Ariel's wedding dresses are the most sought after. Want to know which Disney princesses dress should be your prom dress? Take this quiz!

What is your everyday style like?

Do you have a favorite color for the clothes that you wear?

Is there a message that you want your personal style to send?

Who is your style inspiration?

Do you have a favorite store that you like to shop at?

Is there one clothing item you have way too many of?

Does the style of music you listen to match your outward style?

What is your style when it comes to jewelry and accessories?

What is a staple item everyone should have in their wardrobe?

Is what you wear to school similar to how you would dress if you weren't in school?

What would you wear to your best friend's birthday party?

It's Christmas morning, and you have the option to wear matching Christmas pajamas with your family. Are you doing it?

Which era of fashion do you wish would come back?

What kind of style do you hope your future husband will have?

How do you want to be able to dress at your job?

Are you good at applying makeup?

Which accessory do you wear most often?

Do you play any school sports?

Do you dress for your body type?

How has your style evolved over the years?

Do you prefer to follow trends or set them?

What is your style of movies?

Have you ever thought about what season you are as far as clothing/colors go?

Are you a fan of a simpler lifestyle?

When you are shopping, do you look for the best deals you can find?

How much do you care about sustainability in your clothes?

Do you have a favorite designer?

What theme are you hoping to have for prom?

Are you going to prom alone, with a friend, or with your significant other?

Any plans for after prom?

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