Which Desert Predator Are You?

Ian Fortey

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On some level, you have to believe that in the nature vs. nurture debate, nature is getting an edge when it's absolutely brutal. Take the desert for instance. If you have to adapt to life in such a harsh climate, you're probably going to be a little more intense than those who grew up in cushy, temperate areas with plenty of water and shade, don't you think?  Surely the predators of the desert have shown that they can handle a more intense way of life than ones in the woods or the mountains.

With conditions as rough as they are in your average desert, you need to respect those predators and how they manage to survive. It's not just all the other creatures you need to worry about; it's nature itself.  There's just no easy days or nights when you live like that. And with that in mind, isn't it about time you figured out which of these hardcore desert predators suits you best? There's a fearsome, sandy critter deep in your soul just dying to get out. So why not answer a few questions about yourself and life in the driest places on earth and we'll tell you just which desert predator you truly are.

The desert heat can be really hard to deal with. What's the best way to beat it?

What is the most appealing thing about being in the desert?

If you weren't in the desert, where do you think you'd like to most spend your time?

If you're really hungry, what's your go-to meal to fill you up?

Would you rather spend your time with other people or on your own?

If you found yourself lost in the desert, what would you do to find water?

What would you say is your all-time favorite genre of movie?

If a friend called you up suddenly and needed help moving, would you lend a hand?

What do you do to try to stay warm when it gets cold?

What's the best way to spend a Friday night?

When you were in school, what was the subject you enjoyed the most?

If you were going to audition to be on a game show, which show would it be?

If you had been born in another time and place, with which of these historical rogues do you think you would have fit in best?

Which horror movie monster is clearly the real hero of the movies they're in?

What's your all-time favorite outdoor activity in the summer?

If you were on a deserted island, what one item would you need to have with you?

A desert can be a little unforgiving, but a dessert is fun for everyone. What's the best dessert?

Where would you go for a meal when you're out and about if an actual restaurant wasn't an option?

If someone were to walk into your bedroom right this moment, what would they see?

Without getting too defensive, who makes the best BBQ in America?

"The Avengers" is one of the biggest film franchises ever. Which Avenger do you relate to most?

If you could have any animal at all as a pet, what would you choose?

When you're at work, do you prefer to be on your own or do you work better with others?

Who is the single greatest action movie star of all time?

There are a handful of foods that grow pretty well in a desert climate. Which one is tastiest?

Which fast food restaurant knows just what you need when you're hungry?

When it comes to partying, what's the best kind of party to attend?

If you were going to visit one of the world's deserts, which one would you like to see?

If you could visit any period in history, what time period would you go to?

At what time of day do you feel the most upbeat and ready to go?

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