Which Deadly Australian Predator Are You?

Ian Fortey

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The land down under sure seems like a magical place, doesn't it?  The country is breathtaking, the beaches are gorgeous and the people have one of the best accents in the world.  And the wildlife!  Kangaroos and platypuses (platypi?). Tasmanian devils and dingos. Koala bears! There's a lot going on in Australia that seems so delightful. On the other hand, it's also teeming with deadly snakes and spiders. The summer heat skyrockets to unbearable levels and there are swarms of invasive species all over the place. Safe to say it's a mixed bag sometimes but hey, no place is perfect! And just because an animal is a deadly predator doesn't mean it's all bad. We all have to make a living, right?

The critters in Australia are just doing what they need to do to survive. Some of them are just much more terrifying than others. And maybe that appeals to you on some level. Maybe you can relate to a creature that's a little misunderstood just because it's rough around the edges sometimes. That just means it's multi-faceted, and who among us isn't? Why not take the quiz and see just which one of the deadly predators from Australia you're most like? Couldn't hurt as much as a spider bite. 

When you go to a party, how do you tend to interact with everyone?

You get cut off in traffic by some jerk. How do you react?

You're out and about and meet someone attractive but they're with someone else. How would you get to know them?

It's Friday night and your plans fell through. You need to think of something to do in a pinch. What do you come up with?

How do you react if you're at a restaurant and you see another customer being rude and belligerent to an employee?

Someone's been stealing packages from your porch. How do you respond?

You're out for dinner and the service is some of the worst you've ever experienced. How do you respond?

You need to get your car repaired. How do you decide on what shop to use?

A friend suggests you have a horror movie marathon some night. What killer franchise do you recommend?

You're minding your business at home and someone comes to the door trying to sell you knives you don't want. How do you react?

You're cooking dinner for guests but you totally dropped the ball and burned everything. What do you do?

Your boss is talking down to you at work. How do you react?

If you needed to pick a single "S" word to best describe yourself from these choices, which would it be?

You're on a game show and you win a fabulous new car! It could be any one of these four. Which do you choose?

Nothing connects with your feelings quite like music. Which instrument speaks to you the most?

You've had a long day and really need a drink to unwind. What are you pouring?

You know when you just feel like cooking yourself a good meal and relaxing? What's your cooking method of choice?

Everyone likes a good action movie now and then. Who's your action hero?

Your best friend tells you that their significant other is cheating on them. What advice do you give them?

You're taking a date out to dinner. What kind of restaurant are you trying?

What's your go-to piece of equipment when you're working out at the gym?

If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go?

How can you tell you've been successful in life?

Sometimes you just can't ignore the little things? Which of these is your biggest pet peeve?

What genre of movie is Netflix recommending to you the most?

Holidays are a great time to relax and just be yourself. Which holiday is your favorite?

Ever wished you could be a superhero? Which power would you have?

Every once in a while you just need some fast food. What's your junk food craving?

We all lose our cool sometimes. How do you calm yourself down when you get angry?

What do you hope people say about you when you're not around?

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