Which Constellation Are You, Based on Your Food Preferences?

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For a good portion of human history, people have believed that the stars guide us and shape us.  The entire zodiac is based around the idea that there's some cosmic significance to when you were born and the movement of heavenly bodies can affect your personality and even our destiny.  Cue the spooky music.  Now whether you believe that or not, you can't deny that there's a certain gravity to being able to look up at a clear night sky and pick out these amazing patterns that are actually made up of stars?  Massive balls of flaming gases like our own sun that exist across the galaxy from us, warming up their own planets and maybe even bringing daylight to other beings on other worlds.  That's amazing!

We've assigned names and personalities to the constellations we can see down here on Earth to make them easier to pick out and remember. And whether you believe in any cosmic power at all or not, they definitely have some stories and history.  Maybe those relate to you in some way, too.  In fact, we're willing to bet they do in ways you don't even realize.  Like, with your food choices. We bet if you tell us what foods you like and dislike, we can match you up with some of those constellations so you'll always know where you belong in the night sky. Take the quiz and see!

It's first thing in the morning on your day off. What are you making for breakfast?

Fruit is a delicious and nutritious choice any time of day. What's your go-to fruit?

When lunch rolls around and you're in a hurry, a sandwich will never let you down. Pick your favorite.

If chicken is on the menu, how do you want it prepared?

You need to have a drink with your dinner, what's going to quench your thirst?

There are about a million ways to order a pizza, but which one is your favorite?

Everyone knows the perfect way to make a hamburger. What's your perfect burger?

A potato is so versatile it can be cooked a hundred ways. Which way do you most enjoy your potatoes?

If you could have any vegetable on the side of your meal, what would it be?

Sometimes you need a carb fix. What kind of bread is the best kind of bread?

If you're sitting at home in the evening watching a show, you may need a snack. What are you munching on?

Is it ever a bad time to eat pasta? What pasta dish is your favorite?

Rice is one of the most popular foods eaten around the world. What rice dish is best?

You know what's delicious? Beef! How do you like yours?

Sometimes you just need a salad to brighten up a meal. What salad is the most delicious?

There's nothing wrong with having some dessert after a meal. What sounds best?

You can do some amazing things with a simple egg. How will you transform yours?

Pork is one of the most widely eaten meats around the globe and is incredibly versatile. How do you like it best?

Every so often some seafood really hits the spot. What treat from the sea is the one for you?

If you were in the market for some fast food, which restaurant would you be most likely to visit?

Is there any dish that can't be improved by adding cheese? What cheese do you like the most?

If you're having a big family dinner for Thanksgiving, what dish has to be on the table no matter what?

If you're heading out for dinner with friends, what restaurant are you likely to hit up?

It's summertime and that means backyard BBQ. What are you grilling?

You're on a long road trip and haven't eaten for hours. You see a gas station up ahead. It's better than nothing. What gas station delight would you eat?

Seasoning is key to making delicious food. What do you add to everything?

There are as many ways to top a hot dog as there are people eating hot dogs. How do you like yours?

Pie is just so good. Which pie is the best pie of them all?

TV cooking shows are everywhere these days. Which cooking show keeps you glued to the screen?

You can't go wrong with ice cream. What's the best flavor on the market?

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