Which Classic Literary Heroine Are You?

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Jane Austen was known for writing incredibly empowering female characters. Even the women in the Harry Potter series kick some serious butt. One thing they all have in common is they do not cower in the face of man. Sure, no woman is perfect, and even your most admired heroines slip up and show weakness. But that's the thing. Being able to show vulnerability is actually a strength. It shows that you are comfortable and confident in your shortcomings, and recognizing them allows you to overcome them. Letting others into your life to help you is just another thing that is often seen as a weakness that powerful women have turned the tables on.

When you read books, do you ever find yourself connecting with and relating to a certain female character? If so, why? What is it about that particular character that you see yourself in? It could be a lot of things. Maybe it's the gumption, or perhaps it's one of the things listed above. One thing that most literary heroines have in common is they stay true to themselves, lend their ears and support to others when they need it and work every day to know their own worth. Does any of that sound like you? If so, take this quiz to find out which classic literary heroine you are!

Is there another time period you think you'd do really well in?

How do you handle getting into fights with your friends or other loved ones?

Do you think an overall emotional person?

What do you look for most in a significant other?

Were you in a certain clique in high school?

Which type of book would you want to live inside of?

What do you want to accomplish the most before you die?

Which female singer empowers with you their music?

If you were to throw a game night with your friends, which game are you most likely to play?

In a million years, what adventure would you never want to go on?

Can you remember the last book you read?

Do you have a literary role model?

Would you say you're more into poetry than fiction novels?

When you're faced with a challenge, what do you normally do to overcome it?

Sitting down to read a book is a relaxing activity. Which beverage is best paired with it?

How would your closest friends describe you?

If someone told you they were in love with you but you didn't feel the same, what would you do?

Do you go out at night on the weekends?

What does a typical outfit look like for you?

When someone says you can't do something, does that make you want to do it more?

Are you happy with your current lot in life?

Would you call yourself particularly ambitious?

Is true love something you're actively looking for in your life?

What's your family like?

How often do you get to travel?

If time travel was real, would you take the opportunity to go elsewhere?

Is lying something that you're comfortable with if it's to spare someone's feelings?

What would it take for you to take a risk and be excited about it?

Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong time?

Would you rather play sports or do something else active other than sitting down with a good book or movie?

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