Which Classic Hollywood Goddess Are You?

Sameena Mughal

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Classic Hollywood cinema was a definitive era in filmmaking. Teams of filmmakers made classics we still watch with anticipation. Studios like Paramount, MGM and Twentieth Century Fox ruled the big screen. Some of the most epic films were released during that time. "Casablanca," "Ben-Hur" and "Citizen Kane" took films to new heights. Some of the great directors like Alfred Hitchcock and Frank Capra were considered masters of their craft and gave us horror classics like "The Birds" and the Christmas classic, "It's a Wonderful Life." No matter what your taste in movies is, there is something for you among these classics.

The actors and actresses during this time left their mark, too. No one can forget Humphrey Bogart's iconic line, "Here's lookin' at you, kid" or Clark Gable's "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Those actors and their movies are known all over the world. The actresses took our breath away with their sophistication and glamour. Grace Kelly was the muse of Alfred Hitchcock then became a princess. Judy Garland took us 'over the rainbow in "The Wizard of Oz." The classic Hollywood actresses gave us more dreams to dream with their epic movies and lifestyles.

Who is your favorite classic Hollywood goddess? Take our quiz, and find out which classic Hollywood goddess you could play in a movie! Get ready for your close-up!

What are you like at a social event?

In your spare time, how do you relax?

What attracts you most about a man?

How would you describe your personal style?

In your opinion, what fashion label is to die for?

What style of shoe do you wear most often?

What kind of hairstyle do you like?

When you do a movie night, what's your genre of choice?

The ideal first date looks like what for you?

Are you the type to make the first move when you're attracted to a man?

Who is the singer that makes your heart sing?

Which movie star would be your ideal leading man?

Which actress would you like to do a buddy pic with?

So many social media sites out there, which one do you use most?

When you want to get away, what's your city of choice?

Are you a dog person or a cat person?

When you decide to have a cheat day, what food do you choose?

Who is your favorite talk show host?

How would you describe yourself in one word?

If you say so yourself, what's your best physical feature?

Do you like a bad boy?

What kind of home do you dream about?

How do you like to travel?

What music genre do you stream the most?

Are you a Bravo person or an E! person?

What does a night on the town look like for you?

If you could pick any city in the world to live in, which of these would you choose?

We all have a spirit animal. What's yours?

Of all the gems in the world, which one puts the biggest smile on your face?

Who is a movie character you love?

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