Quiz: Which Chemical Reaction Describes You When You're Mad?
Which Chemical Reaction Describes You When You're Mad?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Pexels

About This Quiz

For most of us, chemistry was the worst! But now that we're adults, and we're over that traumatic part of our lives, we can laugh about, can't we? Well, we want you to laugh so hard, that we're doing an experiment whose ingredients include two not-so-fun things: your anger and chemistry. 

No, we won't be asking you about hydrogen bromide, metathesis or how to synthesize iron sulfide. We left that in the past, remember? What we will do is ask you about chemistry class and more than a few questions about your anger and how scary you can be when you're mad. 

Will you be a hydrolysis reaction when you get upset? Do the tears keep flowing when someone does you wrong? Or are you a combustion reaction? This may just be the scariest kind because these people are explosive! Will you be an acid-base reaction and end up being salty every time you're annoyed? Or are you actually a redox reaction - a type of experiment that always leaves something behind? 

If you want to find our how watery or explosive you are when you're angry, get started on this quiz. You'll definitely get a kick out of your wrath!

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